Chester's First Day - (2002-04-13, 10:52 p.m.)

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It has been so beautiful around here over the last two days, weather for cranking up the car stereo, rolling the windows down and just driving.

I've been wearing sandals and today I even wors shorts! Can you believe it? It's finally not so mushy and wet outside and Zeus is able to come inside without making a complete disaster of my house.

Holly came over for a while today with Chester-kitty and stayed almost until the sun went down! It was great to have her out, we get far to little company out here in the country. I just really enjoy talking to her, she's such a sweetie. My Mom was asking me all about her after she left too, and was wondering how much education she had. Holly dahling, my Mom (and me too of course) thinks that you are an extremely intelligent young lady. :) Thought I would share that with you because I know it will make you smile!

I also got to work on my sewing skills, I fixed Warren's Cub Scout uniform. It's easy when you have a sewing machine, but almost impossible when you don't.

Speaking of sewing, I bought some new patterns for me yesterday. For capri pants and two dresses. I haven't been sewing on a regular basis for faaar to long, and it's time that I start again. Especially since I'm so horribly picky about clothes. This will help me get what I want exactly how I want it.

Chester seems to be adapting slowly but surely. Hubby took some pictures and at the present time he's sleeping on our bed by my pillow. He and Hercules had a bit of a showdown under the bed, but nobody hit anyone, just a lot of growling and hissing. I think if we give them a few days everyone will end up being kitty friends and we'll go back to being as peaceful a house as you can be with a naughty german shepherd.

That's all for this evening though, I'm getting tired and should go hit the sack with my soft flannel sheets, cozy comforter and linen spray. Mmmmm. Sweet dreams Diaryland.!

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