What the F*(&^ is Fibromyalgia? - (2008-02-12, 6:48 p.m.)

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Cosmic nominated me for a very nice award. She had some very sweet things to say about me, and I wanted to make sure that I said THANK YOU to her. Publicly. :)

I saw my doctor/surgeon again this morning and unfortunately he didn't have very good news for me.

He thinks I have fibromyalgia.

This is incurable.

This is what it is. Interestingly enough, I have a lot of these symptoms - okay MOST of them, and my Mom has polymialgia rheumatica. It's a genetic thing, apparently.

I haven't been diagnosed yet, and there is some debate whether there is an actual diagnosis for this, but it sounds like it's going to be a long haul.

This is NOT what I needed.

I'm very scared.

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