Chester's Second Day - (2002-04-14, 4:07 p.m.)

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Another beautiful day. I didn't clean out my poor dirty car, but I did get some of my plants repotted. Er, a spider plant does need soil rather than just a root structure. Oops. So that has been taken care of for another few months. Wal-Mart had navy blue pots, and since I've never seen navy blue pots I bought one. It's very pretty and I think that I may buy more as it matches my living room and my kitchen so well. :)

Chester seems to be adapting rather well, if slowly. He slept on the bed with Hubby and I last night, and when we woke up this morning he was snuggled in between the pillows! What a cutie! Hopefully he'll manage to make friends with the rest of our herd and not be so scared of the dog.

He's explored pretty much every room, and made it down to the office this morning when I was talking to Mari this morning. Homer was in his kitty bed having his early mid-morning snooze, and Chester peeked his head over the edge and just hissed at him. Homer of course was unfazed, and just gave him this look of "Whatever dude. We're all friends here." It was awfully funny.

He's also been plowing blankets around on the bed, and bedding that was on the floor while the rest of it was being washed this afternoon. That apprarently is quite fun, and Holly had told me that he might do this. It is just funny, as none of our previous cats has been a blanket plower, but he takes such joy in it that you can't help but laugh to watch him do it.

And so life goes at the E**** household.

Tomorrow Mom and I are going to go look at fabric for the patterns that I bought. I'm EXCITED!

Oh yes, and today was weigh in day, and I'm at 146.5. That's a total of five pounds that I've lost over two weeks. A healthy pace, and hopefully they will continue coming off with this ease. I need to go walking more though, and the plan is to get Hubby some rollerblades too so that we can go rollerblading in one of the huge parks in town. Doing it out here is a death wish, especially in the summertime with all the lake traffic. So in to town we'll go.

I'm off to read some more diaries. Have a relaxing Sunday!

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