Long time, no write - (2008-07-08, 8:47 p.m.)

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Gosh, I need to update more, don't I?

Summary of life the past few months:

1. Countdown to wedding: T minus 2.5 months and counting. September 20th, thank you very much. Invitations are hand made, and are complete (thank goodness that was a TON more work than I thought!).

2. Looking at buying a different house. Fixer upper, an old farm house in the small community where we live. We're making an offer tomorrow. We'll see how handy we are. LOL

3. Got a new job. I am an assistant to a Trust Officer at an independent (read: NON bank) trust company. Do I love it? Hell yeah I love it. My Trust Officer is awesome and she is grooming me to be a Trust Officer too. Who knows what a few years might bring in the company?

4. Rob also will be having a new job as soon as the stock market settles down. He will be an assistant to a financial consultant/investment representative here in town. Rob will be his 2nd employee. We're guessing this will happen after the presidential election as things generally settle down then.

What's new with everyone else?

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