New Toys on my site! - (2001-11-14, 7:47 p.m.)

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I've been playing when I've been at home...

Added some new things to my website. :) I found a slambook through Spiffylogic's website. I remember those things as a kid, although they were along a much meaner vein then compared to what I put together. Go check it out, it's pretty cute! And yes, you can read what I have entered in there too. I was even able to get it to match my website design! Whooo Blaise I am so proud!

I also found a beeeeutiful picture for a tribute to NY for September 11th. I love roses, and I just thought it was appropriate. I know that it doesn't match, but that's okay, I like it! :)

Now go play with my new little options...remember to put your dot on the guestmap too!

I am totally having to much fun with diaryland. Now if I could just get my banner that Blaise designed for me, I would be just perfect. It's always something though, isn't it? :)

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