Flood Clean up and a party - (2006-04-30, 9:20 p.m.)

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Still raining here in MN. Kathy said it's been raining there, too. Must be a heck of a storm system.

Yes, typing with two hands again. Feels much better, even if it is technically a no-no.

Started cleaning up flood mess this weekend. Took most of all day yesterday and today. Did part of the pole barn (yellow building in photos) and I had a lot of stuff that was not salvageable.

I had some stuff in rubbermaid totes out there that went underwater, and of course, they're not waterproof. So lots of soggy wet moldy pillows, clothing, a couple of sleeping bags - one of which was brand new. Some photos from when I was first married to the ex, as well as a lot of photos from college. I was sad to see them go, but I couldn't exactly keep them in the moldy state that they were in. So into the burn barrel they went. We have a full truck load to bring to the dump, and a good truckload to bring to the Salvation Army.

I didn't lift anything, I just was the "gofer" for little stuff. But it still wore me out as it was raining the entire time and cold out. Plus, this stupid brace has to weight at least 5 lbs. and that's tough to carry around that extra weight on an arm that's weak from surgery. So yeah, that kind of sucked.

Saturday night we went over to the neighbors for a "River Rats" party. They have a huge ring dike around their house, so they didn't get wet. We got to meet some of our "newer" neighbors and had a great big barbequeue and ate a ton. We had a good time. Made some plans to go motorcycle riding with them this summer. Also surprised Mom with an ice cream cake for her birthday.

The love of ice cream is hereditary on my Mom's side. Her brother (my uncle, of course) is an ice cream fanatic too. My Dad doesn't get it. Neither does Dave. :)

Trying to wash out some of the stuff that was in storage that got wet in the washer this evening. Some of the stuff - curtains, blankets, and some of the t-shirts I wanted to save. So they're in the washer right now as I type in hot water, soap and bleach. We'll see if they're not quite so stinky after being washed a couple of times.

The totes that I opened were full of water, silt and oil, so it's going to be interesting to see if I can get them un-stinky.

We'll see how it goes.

Tired hands, must stop now.

Hope it's dry where you are. It's starting to get depressing.

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