Chocolate Cheating - (2002-04-16, 7:08 a.m.)

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Another beautiful morning. I love this weather. Unfortunately it's supposed to rain later today with servere thunderstorms. But I suppose that will speed up the grass getting green. It's been so lovely here you can almost watch the grass turn green in front of your eyes!

I finally got to Jo-Ann fabrics last night and got some material for the dress that I've been wanting to make, as well as some for some capri pants. The dress material is absolutely beautiful, it's a soft shimmery gold and it's cut in a "v" hem on the bottom. I also got some hangy beads to put along the bottom for the trim. I needed something to wear to all the weddings that I have to go to this summer, so I'm looking forward to cutting things out this evening. The material for the pants is khaki and white check in a small pattern and that should turn out cute too. But I'm really enthused about getting working on that dress!

Last night Mom and I went for a walk around our small town. It was wonderful, and since I was dipping out of the candy bucket that was being passed around training I felt that I needed it. Whoops! For some reason chocolate and tootsie rolls are just impossible for me to resist. Although I must say that yesterday was the first day that I've really cheated on my diet. Ugh, I want to keep loosing weight, not putting it on! It's so easy to just take a piece of chocolate and eat it though.

To solve that problem I got some sugar free chocolate today, so I should be able to fend off the chocolate demons. LOL

Chester is really a character. When I got home last evening, he was snuggled underneath all the blankets on my bed. I pulled up the edge of the blankets and he just greeted me with a lick and a purr. Hubby said that he spent a good portion of yesterday sleeping underneath all our blankets. That kitty was just HOT when you would pet him. I bet he was cozy.

Training is going well so far, I really like our trainer and she's fun to listen to. Apparently is taking much more interest in us that ______ Airways has, they didn't even give us the t-shirts they promised, but is talking about all the CEO-CFO-CIO yadda yadda flying up for a weekend to throw us a party before we start taking calls for them.

I hope that I hear something about the interviews for team leader soon. I'm very excited to find out whether or not I will be getting a promotion. That or quality assurance agent would be a lot of fun. The closing for qa agent is today, and I'm such a goof that I forgot to print out my cover letter and bring it in. So unless I can get a hold of Hubby to do it I have to come all the way back into town. Ugh.

Anyhow, I suppose that I should go start my day. Happy Tuesday everyone!

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