Miscellaneous - (2002-04-15, 2:30 p.m.)

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There are just not enough hours in the day, you know?

Training is going well, I finished up my worksheets early and am sneaking in some diaryland time. :)

Chester is certainly social. He was in the bathroom with me this morning when I was getting ready to go. Apparently he needed to superise.

He's also got a hidey-hole somewhere around the bedroom area, and when he doesn't want to be found you won't find him. Hubby has started calling him "Chesty" after a famous Marine named Chesty Puller. Apparently he's a legend in the Marine Corps and a real old-school Marine. So calling Chester "Chesty" is a real compliment!

He really is a sweet kitty, and I think he's slowly getting used to our other kitties. Not real fond of Zeus though, but he's been so naughty lately that I'm not really fond of him either. Did I mention that he ate all my Christmas lights that he could reach? Yes, there's just wires hanging off of my trees. He literally ate them. What a jerk. He's also eaten the pond liner for my Mom's pond. Not good.

Well, we're being summoned back, must end now.

Happy Monday!

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